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I’m getting pretty sick and tired of seeing comments like this on my pictures.
Look. I know I cosplay a super sexualized character. I accept that. I love Moxxi and everything she is. I don’t pretend like my boobs AREN’T in your face in this cosplay, because they sure as hell are. That’s who Moxxi IS.
If you said that to Moxxi you’d get one of two things depending on her mood. A few rounds from Rubi or a hefty price tag you couldn’t hope to achieve even after weeks of looting.
Try as I might, I’m NOT Moxxi. I’m a real life human being on Earth. Not Pandora. Not Elpis. I’m not a doll or a pair of boobs. I can’t blast you out of my sight with my favorite corrosive pistol, but I CAN get out the banhammer and paste your name/username everywhere for the world to see what a disgusting creep you are.
This is not a compliment. This is harassment. This is disgusting. This is not how you treat anybody, cosplay or not.
And I will not tolerate it.
#cosplay #costume #madmoxxi #creeps #rude #harassment

Allow us to share this rather important post to our 45,185 followers because behaviour like this should never be tolerated.

"Wow someone complimented me because I look good, better censor them because I want attention, but I don’t want attention from guys that I don’t find hot." 

So fucking typical. 

In what twisted world is “I want to cum on your boobs” a compliment? 

I don’t even know what this guy LOOKS like, so how could I come to the decision that his attention was unwarranted because he wasn’t “hot enough”
Its like you fucks don’t even care to learn the situation, you just love jumping on and piling on the hate because you see a little bit of boob so OBVIOUSLY I’m a cruel attention hungry cunt. 

So fucking typical.

"A bit". Jesus you’re dressing up like a character yea, but you’re also showing off a lot a skin, and immature boys are going to comment shit, but it’s not harassment it’s the nature of cosplaying, and no one should censor themselves because some girl thinks she should be treated special because she has a vagina. Honey, you’re not the first girl to cosplay, you’re not gods great gift to this earth, so just grow up.

"its the nature of cosplaying"

No really. I want you to explain to me how if some guy came up to you at a con and said “I WANT TO CUM ON YOUR TITS” that you would giggle and blush and say thank you and be on your merry way. 

HOW can you say that is the norm for cosplayers. HOW can you want that to be the god damn norm. 
Harassment is harassment is MOTHER FUCKING HARASSMENT. Telling me you want to EJACULATE ON MY BREASTS because I’m DRESSED UP as a character who is comfortable in her sexuality IS NOT A COMPLIMENT. It is harrassment.

I’m not new to cosplaying “sweetie”. I’ve been doing it for a long, long time. I never, once said anything about me being “gods gift to cosplay”. 
I’m not asking to be treated special. I’m asking to be treated like a human being. I’m asking people to act like human beings and not be lewd and disgusting, regardless of what I was wearing. 

The people saying this isn’t harassment and defending the original comment are fucking disgusting.

"You make an amazing Moxxi!" or "Oh wow, I love the detail in your costume!" are compliments.
"I want to cum on your boobs!" is harassment. It crosses a fucking line. How hard it’s that for these people to understand?!?!!? Disgusting.

if i gotta hear the “it’s the nature of cosplaying!” one more fucking time

let me tell you a story about cosplay ya’ll

if you don’t know me, I primarily cosplay the literal opposite of this gal up here.  I crossplay and/or go for androgynous, covered characters.


Me in a literal beard as Thor:

And you know what happens?  I still get unwarranted, unwanted comments from dudes on my figure.  Seriously.  I am literally walking around with a BEARD GLUED TO MY FACE and someone looks over and says, “Oh look, Thor with boobs”.  In the other costume I had people telling me I had a ‘nice figure’.  I was wearing a binder and spanks padded to take away my figure as much as possible.

So it literally doesn’t matter if you show your tits or if you cover up completely.  Harassment— and this is all harassment— happens regardless of what you do. It’s not ‘the nature of cosplaying’, it’s the current nature of our society, and fuckshits like you that excuse this harassment are the ones continuing and perpetuating it, not the girl pulling off a fantastic cosplay of a character she loves.

Thank you people defending this cosplayer.

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The Sims 4 character creator is SMASHING

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The Pillow Sprite fabric has arrived! :D I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, photos don’t do it justice.

Now available from my Etsy shop!

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i have never seen something more clearly written by a straight white male

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Concept art for Disney’s new mermaid series, the Waterfire Saga: Deep Blue.


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Title: 8

Artist: Willow Smith

Album: 8
379,434 plays


first i was like huh what willow smith

then i was like hUH WHAT WILLOW sMITH?!?!?!??

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